In the Wake of My Heroes – By Bill Perkes

Published privately by his family, and dedicated to the memory of Bill, 2007.

In this book Bill Perkes’ sailing adventures have been written down, starting with canoes and other sailboats, and eventually with their Excalibur 36 ‘Sherpa Bill’ covering the main part of the book. Bill has sailed her, alone, together with his wife Hazel, family and others well over 100,000 miles. Once around the world and crossing the Atlantic 13 times.

The book is very enjoyable to read and a must have for every Excalibur 36 enthusiast.

In the Wake of My Heroes

Contents among others:

  • The Round Britain Race of 1974 and 1978.
  • Twostar ‘Two Handed Transatlantic Race’ 1981
  • AZAB ‘The Azores And Back’ 1983
  • OSTAR ‘Single Handed Trans Atlantic Race’ 1984
  • Round the World 1991 – 1994

Product details:

  • Hardcover: 202 pages
  • Published: 2007 (Fiona Green)
  • Price: £15.-
  • Contact: Fiona Green,