Introduction to Excalibur 36 by Alan Bourdon

The late Alan Bourdon was former employee of Tyler Boats and S.O.S. in Poole. Later he became ¬†a Yacht Broker specialising in Van de Stadt designs. When I went to England with my father on a one week holiday looking for and Excalibur to buy, he had two for sale; ‘Avalion’ and ‘Astolat’.

Alan Bourdon Yachts Ltd

Alan Bourdon Yachts Ltd

Each of his Excalibur sales brochures contained an introduction to the Excalibur design, including those for ‘Avilion’ and ‘Astolat’. I recall¬†visiting him and his wife in Poole where a half-model of Excalibur was hanging on the wall in their house.

Introduction Excalibur 36 - Alan Bourdon

Introduction Excalibur 36 – Alan Bourdon