Passing rain shower

Sailing downwind back to Lemmer. The rain shower in the background makes a nice contrast with the water being illuminated by the sun, giving it an unusual colour.

Rain shower 1, IJsselmeer 2013







Rain shower 2, IJsselmeer 2013







The genua taken down for possible strong wind gusts.


Volvo Penta MD2 rebuilt

Last winter, the Volvo Penta MD2 engine of Astolat has partially been rebuilt.

The cylinders have been replaced by others with less wear and have been honed, new ones are no longer obtainable. One piston has been replaced by another one in better shape and new piston rings were installed. Furthermore the valves have been done and the big end bearings replaced with new ones. Finally, a new water pump with bearings gives a little higher output. The cooling channels turned out to be very clean as a result of descaling it with Star Brite engine flush some years ago.

MD2 reassembled

The disassembled engine.

The reassembled engine ready for painting. The original colour of this engine was not green, but a grey/blue colour still visible on the back of the flywheel and the fuel filter. The green and red cylinder came from another engine.

MD2 primer

Looking much better now after a coat of primer has been applied.

MD2 new paint

Ready! Painted with engine paint VHT SP122.

MD2 Installed

The engine installed with new engine mounts and new engine room insulation (Vetus), covered with perforated aluminium sheet.

The top speed has increased with about 1 knot to the former top speed of 6.1 knots Astolat used to have. Not bad for just 15.5 hp.

Engine plate showing No 169

The engine plate showing no 169 indicating this is a very early produced one. Wondering if that would be 1965 or 1966. The instruction book that comes with Astolat is printed in 1964, while the workshop manual is printed in Dec. 1966.